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Anonymous asked:

Hello. Thor's a woman. Captain's America's black. How can you not call this progressiveness? Marvel has like a million female led comics to DC's one? three? doesn't really matter. there's not enough. the mcu introduced so many kickass female characters. Name one from the dccu. Sorry, but the fact that there are still dc fans out there is pathetic.



haha oh my god this is embarrassing for you please stop

u know what fuck it

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Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Kon-El (Superboy) kissing. Drawn by Marcus To at Fan Expo 2014, in Toronto.

Here’s the scan, as promised!

Welcome to my entirely too many new followers that I acquired while I was in the bus back from the convention! I am pretty sure you are all here because of this particular piece of art, so I think you might enjoy my commission tag. Although, fair warning, some of it is NSFW since I don’t only commission DC/Marvel artists.

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