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bat-cow asked:

Steve Rogers :D

Attraction level: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/1000
Love for the Character:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/1020
How much the char has grown on me: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/1012
Badassness level:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/104   
How upset I’d be if the char got killed off:1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10000000 (which makes his impending death even more painful)

(i almost put less for badassness cause i just kept picturing chris in the gag reel)


Okay but what about the Winter Soldier programming protecting Bucky Barnes? 

When he regains his memory, Bucky is absolutely horrified and distraught at the things he’s done as the Winter Soldier. There’s so much fear and hatred and self-loathing for himself that he retreats back into the programming. It’s so much easier to be cold and unfeeling than it is to deal with the things he’s done. 

Steve keeps trying to pull Bucky out of it, keeps trying to get his friend back. He’s seen glimpses of Bucky in there but it’s brief. Like right after Bucky wakes up screaming from a nightmare, for a few seconds he’s actually Bucky and then he slips into the coldness of the Winter Soldier. It’s infuriating and Steve comes to hate the dull, calculating look of the Winter Soldier, keeps trying to get Bucky back. 

Every time he gets told that his friend is as good as dead, but what the fuck does the Winter Soldier know about Bucky Barnes? 

Then Bucky wakes up panicking, scratching at his left his shoulder as if he could literally pry his arm off, and he’s distraught and screaming and crying and begging for Steve to take the arm off, he doesn’t want it, and Steve’s doing whatever he can to comfort and reassure Bucky but it’s not working. Then the Winter Soldier takes over, stands up, goes to wash the blood of his shoulder and clean himself off and Steve is fucking pissed. It’s like the Winter Soldier is blocking him from Bucky and finally he gets physical with it, pins the Winter Soldier down and demands him to leave Bucky alone. 

He gets the same answer, that Bucky is as good as dead, but this time the Soldier explains how much hatred and self-loathing is locked inside his head. How if Bucky didn’t have the Winter Soldier programming, he probably would have taken his own life the minute he started regaining members of previous missions. Bucky is the one falling back on his programming and Steve can hate it as much as he damn well pleases, but the Winter Soldier is not going to allow Bucky Barnes to destroy himself. 

Steve thinks it’s self-preservation on the Soldier’s part. Is Bucky dies, so does the Winter Soldier. Until he starts realizing that when Bucky asks about the past, asks about himself, it’s really the Winter Soldier asking about Bucky. He always gets this thoughtful, calculating look that lacks his usual coldness. When Steve asks about it, the Winter Soldier claims that it helps calms down the hatred and self-loathing when he gets to see himself through Steve’s eyes. Steve starts realizing that maybe it’s more than self-preservation, maybe the Soldier actually cares about the part of him that’s Bucky. 

Bucky needs the programming to hide behind, to keep himself sane. He feels safe behind the Winter Soldier. In turn, the Winter Soldier craves warmth and the feeling of being treated as a human being instead of a machine. The Winter Soldier is protecting Bucky because he needs that humanity. 

Oh, but then the Winter Soldier and Steve start going on missions for SHIELD, destroying HYDRA bases and taking out the bad guys, y’know? And at first Steve is worried that the Winter Soldier might not be able to face the people he used to work for. The reason he’s currently with SHIELD isn’t because he hates HYDRA, it’s because his handlers were gone and he turned to SHIELD for direction because he didn’t know who else to report into. But Winter Soldier gets all pissed off and assures that his loyalty is 100% to his handler, which happens to be Nick Fury. Don’t question my loyalty, Captain. 

The Winter Soldier comes pretty far. He’s starting to exercise more free will, he’s starting actually trust Steve, they’re on pretty good terms and even the Bucky side of him is starting to calm down and even out. 

Eventually they run into a high-level HYDRA agent that knows about the Winter Soldier and reactivation codes. Steve and the Winter Soldier are surrounded, not too worried, about to fight their way out when this guys shows up and uses the trigger phrase to reactivate the Soldier’s programming. It’s a failsafe in case something like this ever happens, it’s not permanent, it’s only meant to slip Bucky back into the programming long enough that they can get him back to the chair and wipe him again. It’s usually only been used when he’s been out of cryo too long and the feelings and memories are making him violent and unstable. 

What the HYDRA agent doesn’t know that the Winter Soldier programming is still very active. The code is fucking useless. The Winter Soldier is just 100% loyal to SHIELD, but more than that, now a 100% loyal to Steve Rogers, the only human being to actually treat him like a person. At first Steve’s terrified because the Winter Soldier immediately straightens from his defensive position and goes blank, like he’s ready to receive orders. When he’s told to knock out Steve, he shifts to attack without hesitation, but he’s pulling his punches. Finally he gets close enough to Steve that he can barely murmur, “Play dead, get the target,” before he takes Steve’s shield and hits him in the head with it. 

This of course ends with the Winter Soldier slaughtering everyone on the base for daring to touch Steve Rogers and for claiming they’ll permanently get rid of any traces of Bucky Barnes in his mind. Those are the two people you don’t mess with. The Winter Soldier will wreck fucking shit if you threat Steve or Bucky.

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can we also note that in the middle gifs Bucky has proper trigger discipline and the fucking Winter Soldier has shitty TD so is it that Hydra made him give no fucks about gun safety because people are just collateral? I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS WAS INTENTIONAL ON SEB’S PART (via thescarlettfangirl)

this is an EXCELLENT POINT and I’m going to talk about it. in gun safety the first thing you learn is 1: do not ever point your gun at something unless you are going to shoot it and 2: do not ever put your finger on the trigger unless you’re going to put a bullet through something.

Bucky Barnes knows the importance of trigger safety. Bucky Barnes was trained by the US Army to never put his finger on the trigger unless he was going to absolutely shoot something

The Winter Soldier is a weapon. The only time the Soldier is ever given a weapon, he is absolutely going to shoot something.  It’s his mission. It’s all he does. Thaw, wipe, point, shoot, kill, freeze, repeat. It’s as natural to him as anything can be—a finger on the trigger and intent to kill on his mind

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bucky who can’t quite seem to get over the fact he can pick up mjolnir even though it’s been a good three months since the first time he accidentally plucked it from the ground in avenger’s tower. the hammer itself always seems to be in the most random of places and bucky will walk over to it whenever the opportunity comes along and look around to make sure no one is watching before picking it up again as it expecting one day that he won’t be able to lift it again. except every time it comes off the ground without hesitation and he grins like an absolute idiot because it means more to him than it probably should just that mjolnir deems him worthy at all so that must mean there’s something good about him, right?

and of course tony eventually asks why thor leaves his hammer just sitting around the place and thor simply smiles and says, “because it helps where i cannot.”

and nobody knows exactly what he means by that

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